Warlings 2: Total Armageddon APK MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.0.0

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You are the soldier, you are the general, you are the squad! Take control of your Warlings troops to win the battles! Choose from a wide range of weapons to bring destruction to your enemies and battlefield! Be smart and precise in the steps you take, you can outplay your opponent at any time. Win battles, earn gold, expand your arsenal, and unlock new classes of soldiers to get ready for the next skirmish!

Features of Warlings 2

● Eye-catching cartoon graphic style
● 38 unique weapons. Use standard firearms like grenades, miniguns, shotguns, and bazookas,s or use introduce special firepower like UFOs, meteor strikes, and more!
● Fully destructible terrain – think strategically and use tactics to tip the balance of the victory
● Create terrain – expand the battle zone! Use smart strategies to outplay your opponent!
● 8 classes of special units – each with special abilities to give you unique advantages on the battlefield
● 6 themed battlegrounds with a total of 18 different map scenarios to play!
● PvP – many multiplayer game options! Play online versus other players worldwide on Rank Mode or just have fun with your friends via Bluetooth or invite mode!
● Offline multiplayer?! Yes! Game for two players on one phone offline! Have fun playing face-to-face with your friends by sharing the game screen on one device in Hotseat game mode! No internet access is needed!
● Or just simply practice offline in a single-player game versus AI on 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal, or hard!
● defeat other players online and reach the Master Diamond rank!

Coming soon:

● Weapon upgrades
● More maps and unlockable weapons
● Additional soldier classes

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