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Download Top Rich APK – The latest version

TopRich is a fun casual game.
TopRich is simple to play, you just need to keep merging!

Earn Money by Playing

The internet has blessed us today with many opportunities to make money. Now, we can literally make money from our homes or even while sleeping thanks to the internet. There’s e-commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging/vlogging, online courses, drop shipping, and many more. You just need to select the way you want to earn money today because there are literally so many. But if you want to earn money in the quickest and the most convenient way possible, download Top Rich.

This is a simple game that lets you merge cars today to earn money from it. There are different cars available today that resemble real-life ones! The way to earn money here is by merging similar cars and then leveling them up. The more cars you have and the higher their levels are, the more money you can earn per second here. You can then reinvest your earnings by buying more cars today using your coins.

You can also get bonuses from lucky spins, offline revenue, and by leveling up. Moreover, you can watch video ads here to get free coins to be able to buy more cars. This is such a simple game that allows you to enjoy and at the same time earn!

Top Rich Features

If you want to enjoy earning money today, play Top Rich! The goal here is to merge the same cars to increase their levels and earn money.

A Simple Game – Do you play a lot of casual games today? There are too many casual games available in the Google Play Store right now that you can play. But most of them are just games that will get you through your boredom. So, if you want to enjoy a game where you can earn real money, download Top Rich right now! This is a fun new game enjoyed by thousands of people today who are earning real money.

In this game, the goal is to just merge cars and level them up. You’ll need to merge the same cars today in order to increase their level. It’s a straightforward game that we’re sure you’ve played before. But the difference here is that you can earn money from playing it! Buy more cars and keep playing so that your earnings pile up so you can withdraw them now.

Merge Cars – The main goal of Top Rich is to merge the same cars. Here, by merging the same 2 cars, you can increase its level so that it can earn more coins. The more you do this, the more money you can earn passively today. In this game, there are a variety of vehicles that you can unlock such as a Mini Cooper, a racing car, a rally car, and many more. You will enjoy the different car styles and colors that you can unlock today.

Bonuses – There are also many bonuses in this game today! Here, you’ll earn bonus coins even when you’re offline. Then, you can also earn extra coins by leveling up today. So, the more you level up, the more coins you can earn.

Buy Cars – In this game, you’ll need to buy cars in order to level them up. But they also cost money so you’ll need to spend your money wisely. But you can watch video ads today to get more coins!

Earn Real Money – This game lets you earn coins that you can exchange for real money! After reaching a certain threshold, you can then withdraw the money in your account.

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