Bash the Teacher! APK MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.6.1

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It’s time to show the teacher who’s the boss of the classroom in this funny school prankster game!

Now featuring 9 teachers! More teachers will be added soon!

Easy to play: Just tap the teacher, desk, or pet. Discover their reactions and earn upgrades. A hilarious idle clicker school prankster game for kids and adults alike!
Choose a weapon – will it be a paper airplane, rotten egg, water balloon, or catapult? Then take aim and fire! Keep bashing the scary teacher with your selected weapon until you discover all of their funny reactions!
Earn stars for all your pranking and use them to pimp the school classroom – upgrade the classroom desk, buy the teacher new pets, and then bash them with your chosen weapon too!

Prank the teacher and watch as their frustration grows! Do not disturb the teacher unless you are prepared for some very funny reactions, tantrums, and meltdowns!
Keep pranking the school teacher until they can take it no more! Will they quit their job? Who will replace them? When a new scary teacher steps in take aim and fire, the pranking fun begins again!


24 Weapons:

Upgrade your weapons for increased prankster fun. Use Paper airplanes, rotten eggs, water balloons, catapults and more to prank the teacher.

24 School Desk Items:

Upgrade the teacher’s school desk items and bash them too! Extra desk items for your classroom include a cactus, gong, computer, and robot!

24 Teacher’s Pets:

Upgrade the teacher’s pets with funny new animals! Pets to discover include a snake, crab, elephant, and octopus!


Unlock and prank 9 very funny and scary school teachers. Discover all of their funny and crazy reactions – will they be bothered by aliens, snatched by giant tentacles, or dance with cute penguins? Each of the scary school teachers has 12 funny reactions waiting to be discovered!

9 teachers to prank:

  • Miss Thunderface: Do not disturb this scary teacher unless you are prepared for her thunderous temper tantrums!
  • Sergeant Jughead: This scary teacher is ex-military, so pranking him is risky business!
  • Professor Bumfluff: Do not disturb this genius science teacher unless you are ready for a mini meltdown!
  • Mrs Pudding: Pranking this soft and cuddly teacher may seem cruel – but a prankster must show no weakness!
  • The Headmaster: Do not disturb the headmaster unless you are prepared for some serious headmaster-sized temper tantrums!
  • Dr Trundle: He’s old, he’s mean, he’s fair game!
  • Tutor-Bot 3000: Be careful – this futuristic robot teacher is ready to blow a fuse!
  • Coach Feeblebones: This wimpy school sports coach should be a walkover!
  • Primitive Pam: A teacher so primitive she still lives in a cave!

In this idle clicker school prankster game, you will discover loads of mind-bending and funny pranks – including deadly traps, dinosaur attacks, stomping feet, magic potions, vortexes, and exploding cakes!

Bash the Teacher FEATURES

  • Simple to play: Just tap the teacher, desk, or pet in this hilarious idle-clicker school game!
  • Loads of funny and creative teacher reactions, tantrums, and meltdowns to discover!
  • Upgrade your weapons, school desk, and teacher’s pets for loads of prankster fun!
  • Tap away to blast the scary teacher and school classroom with your weapons!
  • 9 scary teachers waiting to be discovered – and tormented!
  • Super cute cartoon images with funny sound effects!

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