Used Car Tycoon Game APK 23.2.2 (Full) Android

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About Used Car Tycoon Game APK

Used Car Tycoon Game is a simulation/management game offered by SuperMT. It tests your ability to run and undertake different tasks of a used car dealership company.

You will run a used car dealership from scratch. Buy and repair cars, hire staff, unlock facilities, and expand marketing to attract more customers and increase profits. Build your used car empire and become a Car Tycoon.

Used Car Tycoon Game Features:

Sundry Car Types

From beat-up old vans, compact cars, sedans, sports cars, and offroad vehicles to toy cars, pumpkin carts, and punk to interdimensional tanks, this game holds everything to satisfy your collector’s desire!

Tons of Fun Storylines

Help villagers repair roads, assist schools with dormitory upgrades, help racers win trophies, and work with taxi companies to build affordable and serviceable cars. These and many more rich storylines await you..🙌

In the game, you can find antique car dealers to purchase car shards, use a crane to fish for car remains in the river, bring your tools to dig for shards outside, or hire villagers to search for antique car shards. Collect them all to build ultimate classic collectibles!

Repair and Modify Cars

Erase, weld, paint, and exchange parts to bring a broken car back to life.

Then modify by adding rear spoilers, aerodynamic kits, wider racing tires, and unique speed coatings to give your car a complete makeover and get a taste of living life in the fast lane!

Test Your Brainpower

So, you thought this was just a mindless game of tap-tap-tap? Nope!

You won’t get far without using some wits and strategy. To build the car of your dreams as soon as possible, you’ll need to decide on the upgrade sequence of various elements, unlock all the features reasonably, and make the best of your resources.

There are also many fun puzzle mini-games to keep you amused!

“Used Car Tycoon Game” is a free car sim game. Are you ready to become a used car tycoon? Buckle up and enjoy your ride through this simulation paradise!

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The Used Car Tycoon Game is an excellent business simulation game that allows you to experience what it’s like to run a used car dealership. It has an impressive amount of content and features, making it one of the best business games on mobile.

If you are looking for a challenging and fun game to play, then you should check out the Used Car Tycoon Game. It is a must-have for all business simulation game fans!

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