Taps to Riches Mod APK 2.86

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Everyone around the globe wants to make money, right? Well, this is the game that allows you to step into the world of riches.

Tap to riches is a unique simulator game one can enjoy by simple tapping on your screen. Tap to upgrade your city’s business buildings, tap to make money and much more.

The more you rise into levels, the more the chances of owning your kingdom. Collect as many advisors as you can. Professional advisors give more advantage to help in making the riches.

Do you wish to become a business tycoon, a mere billionaire or do you want just settle as a capitalist? Download Tap to Riches for Android and test your skills!

Build Your Empire

The scheme for this simulator game is quite simple. You always take the role of a criminal who was bailed out of jail, has a private land, and whose only wish is to build your career from scratch.

The structure of the game has suggested different kinds of businesses which include: fast food stores, banks, and even cafes.

Always ensure you use your capital to build your business. Your main aim is to become a business tycoon.

You can always earn your cash even when you’re resting, it’s simple all you need is to upgrade stock and collect money, propose strategies and with that you invest more. Can you stand to this cash game?

Superior Graphics

The tap to riches simulator game will excite you with amazing 3D vivacity. This makes the game so real and enjoyable for most people who now choose this trendy game.

Tap to riches is specially designed for fun-loving people with eye-catching exciting colours that always makes the player feel thrilled.

Currently, we’re living in a digitalized era. So your cache will be more current anytime you enhance your game.

The start of it all is a bare land with nothing at all more of a ghost city. The tap to riches is a lively game. This is because you’re able to give life to a dead city by slowly making a commercial area with shoppers flocking in and out of the busy shopping area which enables you to expand your business more by moving to different levels of the game.

Compilation of Advisers

Anytime you own a big company, it’s always good to manage your own business. One aspect of success is to have good advisors who will advise accordingly especially when your business expands attracting more investors.

Tap to riches game allows you to select a team of high-class advisors to efficiently run your business to greater heights.

These team of experts are also experienced on your line of business so you need not worry about letting them handle your business.

Taps to Riches Distinctive Features

  • Purchase of achievements of bonuses for you to unearth with all you’re tapping mania
  • Reset your headway and take the lead of biz bots, a special resource that earns you even more money, bonuses per tap.

Tap to Riches APK Free Download

The modded version of the game offers exceptional features, including:

These unique features ensure that you get a revolutionary gaming experience. You’ll enjoy all premium benefits free of any charge.

Taps to riches is an eccentric simulator game with amazing graphics, connecting with friends and thrilling sound effects that will keep you lively and thirsting for more.

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