Sassla premium APK 6.5.1 (Premium)

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SASSLA Premium APK – Earthquake Monitoring App

There are so many amazing apps that you can enjoy today, which can provide a lot of value. These apps were designed to give us everything we need in every situation, such as a flashlight, map, health monitoring, and even disaster prevention apps.

Since so many natural disasters occur regularly, we need to be prepared for them, especially if we live in an earthquake-prone country like Mexico. With SASSLA Premium, you can enjoy an advanced earthquake-monitoring app.

Digital Platform for Warning and Comprehensive Risk Management in Mexico.

SASSLA is the #1 Seismic Alert App in Mexico.

Download it and protect yourself from earthquakes. Public and free service.

Why download SASSLA?

· Monitors the Seismic Alert in Mexico.

· SASSLA is able to interrupt any mobile app (calls, videos, games, lock screen) and ring even in silent mode to warn you of danger.

· You can follow the path of seismic waves from an intelligent map.

· The app will not alert you if the earthquake does not represent a risk to your location. No more unnecessary scares.

· Explore the record of earthquakes around the world.

Download it and discover more features.

SASSLA App is an experimental project under observation and monitoring by the authorities of the Government of Mexico City.

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