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The Google Play Store is a place where you can find tons of fantastic games to play today. You’re able to find games in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as categories for you to enjoy.

There are games in RPG, simulation, action, racing, fighting, shooting, and many more today. You can also enjoy casual games that take away the stress of the day, like Resortopia! Here, you can help Udon restore the glory of the resort.

You’ll act as the resort manager here who’s in charge of many things. The ultimate goal is to bring back the old glory of the resort who’s become rugged and old now.

To start, you’ll need to clean and renovate the rooms as you freely design them. Pick the best furniture and unleash your creativity in designing to attract many customers here. You’ll manage the limited budget, and you’ll need to draw everyone’s attention to the resort! Manage it wisely now.

The story starts from a somewhat old, rundown resort.
Udon is worrying about running it.

How will you, as the resort manager, help Udon renovate it?

You can let your imagination run wild!
DIY all sorts of rooms.
Mix and match different styles of furnishings.
Create a Japanese-style hot spring resort or even a luxurious European-style baroque room!
Have a pink dessert feast anytime, anywhere!
Unleash your creativity to turn the resort into your guests’ home away from home!

But of course, things are never so simple!
Guests always have all sorts of strange requirements~
How will you deal with guests with different personalities?
Will you help guests when they need it?
When you talk with them, will you be in for a surprise, or a crisis?

Come earn Cookies with Udon, write your unique story, and build your very own 5-star resort!

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