Racing Legend Funzy APK v1.0.13 (Latest Version)

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Dominate the track with Racing Legends in style!
This latest mobile racing game sets racers right in the middle of thrilling, fiery, and distinctive racing tracks. Sharpen your driving skills to outrace the best of the best racers. Tune your supercars up, and smoke your opponents in style. Hit the gas now!

Outstanding features:

  • Vivid, detailed graphics quality
  • A variety of supercar designs.
  • The unlimited ability to customize and upgrade cars.
  • Brand new multiplayer mode.
  • Many exciting racing tracks are in single-player mode.
  • Exciting monthly in-game events.


Attractive racing tracks with a variety of terrain and weather, challenge the limits of even the most elite racers. Compete from modern cities to bizarre snowy mountains, deserts, and beaches. Top the table to assert your superior racing skills.


Tune your drive in Racing Legends now! Not only increasing the power of the engine, exhaust, gearbox or tires, you can customize each and every outside part to make your supercar visually stand out!

Get ready to become a legendary racer.

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