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Oil Era APK Android

Have you ever dreamed of mining oil, building your own petroleum empire, earning billions of dollars, and becoming a world-renowned oil tycoon? Oil Era provides you with the opportunity to realize your dream! In this oil miner business simulation game, you can bid to exploit the oil, sell oil and gas, build your own oil refinery and chemical plant, and embark on the road to becoming an Oil Tycoon!

Your business starts with your bidding.
Acquire an unremarkable-looking piece of land, let your own managed prospectors find oil locations, and dig! Lay the pipes! Shipping like crazy! Sell ​the oil to the factory with the highest bid! Then sit back and wait for the money to enter your pocket!

That’s not all! After obtaining the first batch of oil and the first pot of gold, you can upgrade your technology and means of oil extraction, hire more advanced prospectors, use hard drill bits that can destroy rocks, and even use explosives! After earning more money, build your oil refinery to make more valuable oil products and sell them at higher prices!

How to Play

Upgrade Strategies, Managing Oilfields
Bid for land development rights, and use prospectors to discover oil. Build efficient oil wells and pipelines to bring oil to the surface. Purchase trucks and storage barrels to transport and store oil. Sell ​​oil at a higher price and make a profit!

Upgrade Oil Production Equipment and Technology

You can use your earnings to continually upgrade your tools and techniques to improve your oil drilling operations. In a limited time, get more oil, earn more money, and expand your scale!

Develop Your Town and Build Your Empire

With the development of the petroleum industry, your city will become more and more prosperous! From a wasteland to an oil empire

In this game, we have prepared a land with a lot of oil for you! Whether you can quickly defeat competitors and reach the top depends entirely on you and your business strategy! Why don’t you come and have a try?

Contact us if you have any problems or suggestions for our game:

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[email protected]


Oil Era is an excellent strategy game that challenges you to become the most successful oil tycoon in the world. You must be very careful and strategic in your decisions to make a lot of money.

The Oil Era APK free download gives you some advantages over the regular version, such as an unlimited amount of money and no ads. Download it to make a fortune.

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