iVibrate APK 2.7 (Premium) for Android

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Download iVibrate APK – The latest version

Turn your phone into an instant massager with iVibrate! Download it now and relax today.

iVibrate™ phone vibration app is a massager vibration app that will help you relieve tension and concentrate on what really matters, whether you are at work, in class, or at home. Our 12 handcrafted vibration patterns are scientifically engineered to induce feelings of relaxation in the shortest period by using the iVibrate™ phone vibration app.

There are 12 specially designed phone vibrator & massager vibration patterns included, which can be used to:

⦁ In as little as 30 seconds, have a relaxing sensation.
⦁ Assist in the relief of neck pain.
⦁ Act as a massager vibration app with various intensity settings.
⦁ Lower stress levels and boost efficiency.
⦁ Assist in improving sleep efficiency.
⦁ Provide the sensation of a real heartbeat, which has been shown to assist people in falling asleep 60 percent faster.
⦁ And there is much more in the iVibrate™ – phone vibrator massager vibration app!

Intensity Levels in vibration

We take pride in being the most powerful massager vibration app on the market. To provide the most efficient but precise phone massager, we have optimized the vibration motor and tactic engine to provide you with different intensities of power.

The three power levels are as follows:


Ideal for breathing exercises and meditation via soothing phone vibration. It is a great way to round out your mindfulness activities and move the experience to the next level. Our custom phone vibration app haptics add to the overall experience.


Perfect for any tense situation, particularly when you are not too irritated and just want a quick way to clear your mind and concentrate on what really matters with moderate phone vibration.


This massager vibration app mode is ideal for athletes and others who want to minimize lactic acid accumulation in their muscles while still increasing blood flow.

Handcrafted Variations of the phone vibrator app:

The following are the 15 vibrator variations that have been thoroughly tested:

⦁ Mild Pulse
⦁ Fast
⦁ Calming
⦁ Waterfall
⦁ Gust
⦁ Continuous
⦁ Sleep
⦁ Heartbeat
⦁ Earthquake
⦁ Strong Pulse
⦁ Blast
⦁ Meditative
⦁ Extreme
⦁ Volcano
⦁ Bomb

Every one of those aims to replicate the sensations associated with their respective titles. Merge them with various strength and capacitive touch levels to create your own pattern! Vibrate as much as you would like and whenever you would like with a handy vibrate massager & phone vibrator app!

You can have access to all the various phone vibration app patterns and intensity levels, as well as all potential updates and new patterns of iVibrate™ – massager phone vibration app. You can use them as much as you want, whenever you want, and they will deliver you an ad-free experience.

You will completely appreciate what makes this massager phone vibrator app so special and powerful for daily usage and an amazing experience. The iVibrate™ – massager phone vibration app patterns can be customized according to your need.

Keep Supporting, Stay Happy, and Stress-Free!!

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