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Download Idle Mental Hospital APK – Tycoon Game

The goal of this game is to grow your mental hospital as you’ll start with a few patients. You’ll need to produce more rooms, facilities and expand your hospital if you want to earn more. Here, you can also hire more nurses and doctors to help you treat the patients.

Idle Mental Hospital Features

If you have an innate love for tycoon games, then you can download Idle Mental Hospital now and enjoy it.

  • Tycoon game
  • Hire help
  • Buy facilities
  • Expand

If you adore management and hospital games with an idle twist, this tycoon is perfect for you. Here, you can establish your own mental hospital, rehabilitate patients, and earn money with an idle touch.

As typical in tycoon games, you begin small: a few wards and some patients. Your mission is to create a healing environment: tend to your patients, feed them, provide clean clothes and showers, and ensure they get enough sleep. It’s a breeze with this game’s straightforward controls and idle elements. Assist in healing and discharging your patients. The more patients you cure, the more money you make. Remember, your primary goal is not only to help but also to become wealthy.

Run a hospital like a tycoon with an idle aspect: employ cooks, cleaners, orderlies, and doctors. Monitor patients’ calm levels and prevent mass riots; otherwise, your orderlies will have to chase patients to stop them from escaping in this idle adventure!

Patients will keep coming, so swiftly build and expand your hospital. Add new wards and rooms to accommodate more patients and earn money. Unlock new locations for constructing hospitals – in the forest, on an island, in the mountains, or even at an orbital station. Expand your business like in tycoon games and help people like in hospital games simultaneously, all while enjoying the idle components.
Become the wealthiest manager in this Idle-tactic Mental Hospital Tycoon!

Download Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon APK – The latest version

If you love playing tycoon games, then you can download Idle Mental Hospital now and enjoy it.

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