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Flick your chess stones!
Bump out the opponent’s stones!
Tip: Guard the KING!

Chess is a popular board game that dates back to the 6th century AD. But now, it remains one of the most popular board games and is played by millions of people worldwide. Because of its popularity, countless movies, tv shows, and even games have been made about Chess. But if you’re looking for a unique game of Chess, then you’ll love this one!

Flick Chess is a game developed by Supersonic Studio LTD. It has over 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. But this isn’t your typical Chess game where you’re going to move the pieces strategically to win. Instead, you’ll just try to flick your opponent’s pieces to win! Try to knock out their king to win. But the classes in this game still stand. You can’t instantly knock out large pieces with small ones. Other than that, there are plenty of things to look forward to in this game! Read on below to find out.

What is Flick Chess?

Almost all of us know how to play Chess. Some, like it as a hobby while others even make it their job. There are hundreds of Grand Masters in the world of Chess. And Chess is a fascinating thing to watch especially if the participants are equally smart. But if you’re looking for a new Chess game, then you’ll love this one!

Flick Chess is a game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD. In this game, instead of knocking off the king strategically, you’ll do it literally! You’ll pull your pieces to flick it towards the enemy’s pieces. The last one to have their king still on the board wins! But there are many more things to watch out in here. Read on to learn more!

Features of Flick Chess

Flick Chess is an awesome unique game of Chess! In here, you’ll knock off the pieces literally! Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – When we think about Chess, strategic gameplay comes to mind. After all, you need strategies to beat your opponents in Chess. You also need to memorize all the pieces and their moves in order to play this game. But in Flick Chess, this isn’t your typical Chess game! You won’t be showing off your strategies in this game but rather your brute strength. To win, you literally need to knock off your opponent’s pieces! But you also need to take note of their pieces as small ones can’t instantly knock off big ones. Aside from that, as you knock off more opponent’s pieces, your piece gets larger.

Tons of levels – There are tons of levels in Flick Chess that you can play. At first, you’ll start off with 3 vs. 3 pieces. There are two pawns and one king for each team. But as you progress, the numbers will grow and so is the difficulty. The pawn pieces will have different locations and numbers.

Epic graphics – Flick Chess introduces 3D graphics that will satisfy your eye glands. In this game, you’ll feel satisfied as you knock your opponent’s pieces off the boards! The animation is fluid and realistic as you can see them clearly. You’ll also see the pieces evolve as you knock out more opponents!

Easy controls – In Flick Chess, the controls are as easy as swiping your fingers across the screen. To move your piece, you need to swipe it backward and adjust the trajectory accordingly. That’s how easy the controls of this game are!

Offline game – Flick Chess is a completely offline game. This means you can play the game anywhere you are without worrying about an internet connection! Play without limits in this game.

Flick Chess APK

Flick Chess is an epic and unique Chess game that allows you to knock your opponent’s pieces off the board literally! Download the latest version now!

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