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Role-play as a border patrol police officer in this simulation cop game. Everybody is trying to get into the country, but you have to be very careful and inspect what people are bringing through the strict border patrol security in military games.

Border police officer duty is to enforce the security of the national border and prevent people from bringing illegal goods. Working in a border patrol force police story is really challenging as you constantly face dangers. Border police force controls crossing persons, and cars, and checks travel documents in military games.

Your job as a Border Patrol Police Officer is to stop people bringing illegal goods in the police story. Experience the life of a real border force police officer, search cars for items like narcotics, money, and illegal goods in a border police game. Search cars entering the country and check documents to grant them entry in the border patrol police story.

In the border police story, you will play as an army patrol officer and control the transportation of prohibited items like weapons, and narcotics over the national border. Stop cargo trucks, search for contraband, Check travel documents, and in case of any suspicion stop cars from entering the country in border force police game. Stop criminals and smugglers from entering the border in military games.

Border Force police game is a unique blend of police sim, police car games, military games, and army games. As a border police officer, you have to patrol around and look for any suspicious activity in military games. Border force stops people trying to cross borders in army games.

Border Patrol Police Game Features:

  • Play as a border police officer
  • Search for smuggled items
  • Check the driver’s license, and transport checklist in the police story
  • Smooth and easy-to-play police game controls

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Conclusion: Border Police Game APK is an exciting game with different game features and activities, so you will never get bored of playing. Download it today and enjoy this security simulation.

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