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Crucial Details about Bid Wars 2

Bid Wars 2 is a strategy game offered By Aliens. It involves bidding and earning profits from well-thought-out moves. It has many business principles that you can apply in real life, making it ideal for business-oriented players.

Make bids and collect rare items to become the ultimate storage unit tycoon in Bid Wars 2! Participate in live auctions just like the ones you see on TV to discover hidden treasures in every auction. Build and grow your own growing pawn shop as you climb the ranks in the bargaining world.

Collect items as you outbid the competition and build and grow a business as you sell and buy your way to success in an auction adventure. Buy and sell storage unit antiques in your growing pawn shop. Start a small town pawn shop and grow to be the hottest business in town when you negotiate to sell and buy your rare collectibles.

Embody your inner business simulator tycoon at auction time. This shop tycoon simulator will test your negotiation prowess. Buy, sell, and collect rare items offered in storage auctions as you bid your way to success in Bid Wars 2. Try your luck and trust your business simulator game instincts come bidding time to make the best bids!

Bid Wars 2 brings the excitement of auctions and bidding games to your mobile device. Download now and build and make your growing pawn shop empire!



  • Profit from storage items you buy and earn cash from your smart deals
  • Discover rare items in a storage hunt game that will test and grow your negotiation skills
  • Become your town’s rich tycoon when you sell antiques and build and grow your wealth


  •  Outbid your competition in edge-of-your-seat storage auctions like no other tv game can recreate
  •  Bid faster than your rivals in auction garage sales all over the world
  •  Immerse yourself in thrilling storage auction negotiations as you try and find the best deal to make


  •  Embark on your quest to turn your run-down family pawn shop into a growing business empire
  •  Build and grow your own pawn shop with the antiques you buy and sell in this garage sales strategy game
  •  Collect items for your business and sell them in this dynamic tycoon simulator
  •  Bid Wars 2 puts all the tension and excitement of bargaining and negotiation tv games in the palm of your hand


  •  Start from running a local pawn shop and become an auction tycoon
  •  Get known in the garage sales and negotiation world with your legendary items collection
  •  Use your wit and business strategy to make bids that dominate the auctions and build your empire
  •  Collect a wide range of unique exotic items in this business simulator and pawn shop growing game, from rare antiques, cars, and other valuable rare items.

Bid, buy, collect, and sell your way to the top of the auction game when you download Bid Wars 2, the ultimate storage hunt and growing business game simulator!

Please note! This pawn shop game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.


Bid Wars is a fun, interactive business simulation game. It features several gaming levels suitable for both beginners and advanced players. You can enjoy the game without losing real money, but you can also use real-world cash to unlock packages that will make your business empire stronger.

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